Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dude.....this bites man. I haven't updated my blog in forever so yeah.....

I just did the math and i figure that i am about like 10+ posts behind the required amount. SO im gonna have to make on post a day for the next 3 weeks. Hooray!!!!!! So you guys are gonna be getting a minute- by-minute update of my life to fill up this gap.

Yeah so nothing really interesting has been happening in school actually. Except maybe for the fact that i hold the record for number of scoldings from Mr Pancha (2) but other than that i have been too busy with homework to really do anything else. I guess Im probably going to watch Slumdoggie (that's Indian slang for Slumdog Millionare) soon because my Mom thinks its so cool. Personally i believe that i wouldn't even appreciate the movie because im more into comedy i guess. But anyway i think that while Dev Patel is pretty good he will never replace the amazing Shahrukh Khan ever in his lifetime.

Okay i guess that counts as a post so i am going to go to bed so goodnight


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