Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me Myself And I

Okay guys i have some brain teasers for you guys that are gonna make u work those brain juices

1. Who came first Chin San, Chin Loong or Mei Jing

2. What is my Dad's name? (Hint: Its the same name as a pharmacy)

3. How tall is Ronald? (Hint: Any height you WANT him to be :) )

4. What is Farah's great grandfather's name?

5. Who was Alvin's true love during Swimming Gala? (check his blog)

6. What inspired Athira to talk?

7. Who did Jac hit on last night?

8. How sexy is Chin San? (makes me squeal whenever I think of him)

9. Where does Judah laugh the most?

10. Why is Shi Fen so fair?

The person who gets the most number of questions right, wins ME!


  1. 1. Urmm... Mei Jing? Coz she's the COOOOLEST! :D
    2. Urmm.. Watson?
    3. 6 feet 1 and a half..
    4. Muhammad?
    5. And urm.. Jude, I think u mean Boon's true love?... LOL!? and the answer's water.. :D
    6. Urm.. The dinosaur?
    7. Who DID i hit on last night???
    8. AHHAHAHAH!? DAYUM SEXAYY!! to the extent of NO description!
    9. Where?.. In school because of the LOVELY Mei Jing.. ;)
    10. Urm.. Because.. She's Chinese? Unlike Lyn.. Where BOTH sides can appear @ ANY time.. :D...

    Oh dayum.. I hope i dont win.. :s...
    Hahahha!? :D! Kiddinnnggg...

  2. 1. Meijing Beijing.
    2. Uncle Watson Peters.
    3. 6 feet.
    4. Papi.
    5. Water. And myself.
    6. Her being cool and me forcing her to answer my interview question. She couldn't resist. I'm just too hot too handle.
    7. Any guy she wants to.
    8. Beyond comparison. If I were to be measured based on the first 3 rows on the periodic table, I'd be Argon gas with an atomic/ proton number of 18 and a mass/ nucleon number of 40. My electron configuration would be 2.8.8.
    9. Trick question. He always laughs everywhere because he's a very jolly fellow.
    10. Shi Fen is white but is progressing through stage 1 of the 3 stages of darkness.

  3. ChinSan.. I hope u get the most points.. so you can "claim" the prize.. aka Jude.. :D

  4. I'm not even going to give it a shot because I don't want to win you, Jude, but I think Chin San wins X )