Wednesday, March 4, 2009

World Maths Day (WMD)

Hey dudes,

I suppose not many of you guys know what world maths day is. Well, i guess i should give you guys a little info about it. maths day is a day that is about maths and where children from all over the world play against each other in order to becomes the worldwide king of maths!!!!!!!!!!!! So my team (form 4 team A) are currently in 5th position (in the world) but we still have untill 8 pm tmrw to get a little higher. :)

I am currently skyping with chin loong and am and also ronald....sorta. So we stayed in school until 6-ish and it was insanely awesome. Me and MJ were singing Rihanna songs and dancing while playing world maths day and our team actually went to 4th in the world. However, the first 5 teams are all from cempaka. The highest teams are all lifeless form 1s and form 2s and also form 3s.

So i have to go because we need to make sure our gap doesnt become too big and so that we can win a MEDAL!!!!!! and also enjoy our satay partay tmrw. Oh and also so that it doesnt seem like we wasted our lives doing this for nuthin


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